About Us

Youth2Young Adults, Inc is a 501(c3) located in Miami-Dade County. We are a full-service organization that offer a holistic approach to youth and young adults who are in foster care or aging out the foster care system. We will also offer various services to at-risk youth and their respective families who reside in low wealth communities. We endeavor to change lives and hearts with our mission. We know that youth and young adults who we are serving are one of the most vulnerable populations in our country, especially Miami Dade County.


Y2YA will focus on behavioral health, access to health care, representation in the legal system, support for Foster Parents and other Parents. Guardians, educational services and more community access to recreational and other educational activities through STEM projects as well as Arts programs and opportunities to become community stewards through advocacy and education. We have the philosophy that it is not a one-way approach or solution to our children’s growth and development. There must be a tailored approach to have the best outcomes for our youth and young adults. 


In order to support the services offered we depend on community support; through local, state and federal grants as well as community donations and alliances with our judicial and educational systems. We are dependent on individual supporters as well as corporate and local business initiatives, political action through our local, state and federal politicians.